Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Little Shared Addiction

My little guy, Sam, shares an addiction with me. We both love sketch books. Lots and lots of sketch books. The last time I counted, Sam had a stash of about six sketch books squirreled away in various locations in his room. He always carries one in his backpack, for those lulls in school when he can write and draw from his imagination.

I noticed that he doesn't carry one to church these days. It must seem too disrespectful to a ten year old of emerging faith. Instead, he slips a few pieces of paper in his Bible, just in case the sermon runs on too long.

We made a trip to the local bookstore the other day, and he found this orange sketch book that he just had to have.

I was browsing around Pinterest the other day, and I found this sweet bookmark from one of my favorite artists, Susan Branch. This little owl perches over the book, which I thought was too sweet. Sam loves owls, so I had to print this one out for him.

Sam also loves koalas. He has created a special Koala Club with his friends at school. The mascot is named Kubchoo, a French koala with his own motto: " In Koalas we trust, in Kubchoo we must!" Sam has even created a structure for the club, with flow charts and administrative hierarchies.

We're not sure what Sam will become one day. The next Steve Jobs? The next George Lucas? Or the next dictator of a small third world country? Could be any of the above. He says he wants to create his own animation company called Magic 8 Ball Studios. We're making plans to convert his tree fort into his filming studio this summer.

In the meantime, I'm looking at koalas and wondering if I might be able to craft a little koala for Sam's Easter basket. Something felted and furry, maybe.

If I could make a sock monkey days before Christmas, then I can surely make a koala, too, right?

Here's a link to this free owl bookmark:

Want to spend an inspirational hour or two? Go to Susan Branch's website and enjoy!

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