Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Not-So-Simple Wedding Card

Hubby dear forgot to mention a work wedding until a week ago.


This morning, I scrambled to make a fast generic wedding card for a couple that I have never met.

No problem!

I decided to go for bold graphic impact. These are folks that work in the fashion industry, after all.

The thing about clean and simple cards is that they may look easy, but they are not. Far from it. A clean and simple card requires precision down to the last detail. Stamp a sentiment crooked, and it shows like a big neon sign. Even one blade of grass cannot be imperfectly inked.

Ask me how I know. :)

I pulled out a very very very (did I say very?) old set of Amuse Art Stamps square cards and envelopes. I love a square card. It just ramps up the cute factor.

{Today's Brew: Love Lives here (PTI), PTI inks, Amuse Art Studio card base in surf}

Now that the card is done, I can move on to more important what to wear to a wedding.

Double aaack!

I noticed last night that I have a real deficit of fancy occasion clothes in my closet. I have quite the sweats wardrobe, a few favorite pairs of jeans, and plenty of "nice" clothes to wear to church. But wedding clothes? Dresses? Not so much.

I have two more weddings and a shower to attend in the days ahead. Looks like I'll be perusing the websites for some fancy dresses to add to my closet stash.

In the meantime, it is sunny and about 50 today, so sandals or anything too summery are right out. Which means I will have to wear my one and only pair of black pumps that I bought before Christmas, knowing that an adult woman over the age of forty should probably own appropriate footwear for just such an occasion.

Time to go get presentable now. Wish me luck!


  1. Your card turned out really cute. That house with the heart is just perfect!

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