Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fun New Product! "Embossing" Without The Mess!

My craft room is almost finished! Yippee! Unfortunately, a lot of stuff is still packed in boxes waiting to be put back on the shelves. Boo! In the meantime, I did a little fun crafting at my kitchen table this morning.

I had some friends from Michigan visiting last week. Crafty friends. And aren't those kinds of friends the most fun? I had to take them to my happy place, Stamp Fanci in West View, Pennsylvania! We had a great time there, and I found the coolest new product!

Peel-Off Stickers from Elizabeth Craft Designs! Now wait, wait, wait. I can hear some of you yawning while you say "Stickers?! Yawn! What's so exciting about that?"

I will tell you what's so exciting about these stickers! They peel off of the black sheets, and when you adhere them to card stock, they will give you the look of an embossed image...without all the icky, sticky, messy inconsistencies of embossing!

Think "stained glass" without the work! And did I mention that the designs are really beautiful? At only $2.50 for a full sheet of stickers, I thought they would be fun to play with, and I was right!

I also picked up this nice small palette of Pearl Ex, just the right size to try without making a big dating Pearl Ex without feeling like I need to marry it! :)

Oooh! So pretty! Soft, with just a hint of sparkle!

Embossing without the mess. I think I'm in love!

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  1. They sound really cool. Your card turned out great. Thanks, for sharing!