Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Camper I Can Afford

So, I got on Craigslist one boring Saturday morning, which is always a dangerous thing, and I got an idea, which is also a dangerous thing.

I decided we needed a camper. More specifically, a vintage Airstream camper.

And I found one, too! It was sweet! Smallish, with a cheery blue awning. The interior was in pristine condition, circa 1980, with all the mustard and olive and rust colors that were the rage back in the day.

ME:  Honey, I think we need a camper.

HUSBAND:  No, we don't need a camper.

ME:  But honey, look at how cute this one is!

HUSBAND: Uh huh.

ME: Wouldn't this be fun for the summer? Pack up the boys and the dog and just hit the road!

HUSBAND/A.K.A. BUZZKILL: We don't have a vehicle that can tow it.

ME: Don't bother me with details.

I promptly texted my sister, Tina, who has been RVing with her husband for many years. I sent her the photo, and she showed it to her husband, Doug They agreed that it was a sweet camper, and a great deal.

TEXT: Doug says he'll go in halves with you if you buy it.

TEXT: Great! Can we store it at your house?

TEXT: Nope. Doug says he'll only go in halves if you store it at your house!


TEXT:   :)

So I did the next best thing. I bought the newest camper stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn!

I made this card for my husband for Father's Day. I figure he'll appreciate the fact that the stamps and dies only cost about $15, as opposed to, oh, say $7500.

See, honey! My stamps are saving us money!

I colored the camper with a silver metallic pen, to give it that shiny Airstream sparkle! Just a little reminder of the one that got away.

Happy Trails, cafe friends!


  1. Too cute! And it looks like it is being towed by a bug!

  2. Super duper cute card! Love the polka dots.

  3. Love your card and I LOVE this stamp set. I have the long retired SU set "Happy Camper" with the vintage camper. I plan to get the Lawn Fawn one too.

    On a side note....we bought a 1949 vintage camper on Craigslist two years ago and used it once. We just sold it on CL and bought a pontoon so we could cruise the Mississippi River instead. I still love vintage campers, though!

  4. Oh my goodness Mary Rose. I love the card, but the post is absolutely wonderful. Great way to convince hubby that you are saving money buying it. I really do love your card. It is perfect in every way....