Saturday, August 2, 2014

With The Turn Of The Calendar

Nobody panic! I have some news.

August is here!

Aaack! Panic!

It seems impossible, but it's true. With the turn of the calendar page, we have moved from carefree summer time months to back-to-school months.

Sam and I were shopping at Barnes and Noble this week. It's a mother's sly attempt to get her son interested in summer reading. Aren't book stores wonderful, magical places? It transformed my son from the "I just want to play video games" boy into the "Ooh, new books from my favorite authors!" boy.

We wandered into the calendar and stationery section, where Sam found me this awesome new planner from Punctuate. He told me that this one was totally me, and he was right.

A good purse size, with plenty of room to write in appointments or do a little journalling.

A coordinating sticker sheet to jazz up the pages.

A zipper compartment that holds a little notepad and bookmark, where I also stashed a few extra appointment stickers from Lang.

These little planners have a cult following! Pinterest boards are filled with ideas on how to decorate your pages with stickers and washi tape. It really is fun! And how much did this little planner with all of its contents cost? Only $9.95! Or only $8.95 if you are a Barnes and Noble member like me.

Of course, Sam talked me into purchasing the matching desk top planner...

...and the matching journal.

It's so much fun shopping with Sam!

I spent the evening with my planner and the school websites, making note of all important dates, no school days, holiday vacations, etc.

August may have sneaked up  on me, but I feel a little more prepared to handle the days ahead.

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  1. Sweet little planner & coordinating goodies. I love how you use your planner as a mini journal too. I wish I would have thought of that when my kids were small. But, it is never too late to start! I have saved all my pocket planners & wall calendars from past years. My husband found the stash & wondered why I had them. They are like a mini family history! I am off to Pinterest to check out this whole new (to me) world of tricked out planners! Have a fabulous week!