Monday, September 15, 2014

Koalas For The Birthday Boy

Sam loves koalas. I think it must be a comic book/manga art kind of thing. When birthday boy turned eleven on Friday, I knew I would have to pull out the koala from the Lawn Fawn stamp set Critters Down Under! I used the grass die below, and used the stitched sunshine die to make a sunny statement in the corner.

I decided to fussy cut the koala so that he'd stand out against the leafy backdrop. To tell you the truth, sometimes it is easier to fussy cut a simple shape than it is to get it stamped exactly on a diecut. All it takes is a good pair of scissors, like Stampin Up's paper snips, and you are good to go.

After making the card, I felt totally Koala-fied to make another surprise for Sam. A stuffed sock koala!

You may have seen quite a few sock monkeys, but how many sock koalas have you spotted? This one is a total original of my own design.  I simply shortened the legs and arms, made some big floppy ears, and used felt to add the distinctive nose, white ears, and white belly. Buttons for eyes, a bow tie to give the head its form, and voila! I gave him raw edges, which adds a little shabby flair to this fellow. Sam loves him, and he's dubbed him "Limes".

I may have to market this pattern. After all. I have the koala-fications! LOL!

Happy Monday, cafe friends!

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  1. aww...Happy birthday Sam. What a lucky boy to have a mom like you. xo