Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When Kindness Matters

We've been visiting a new church for the past month, and things are looking promising for this one.

Yes, it's a forty minute drive from our home, but it's also a lovely drive through farm country, with views of rolling hills and golden fields along the way. We pass farmer's markets loaded with bushels of apples and nursery centers with rows of colorful mums. I can only imagine how inspiring this drive will be when the leaves are in full color this fall.

I noticed something about our new Sunday drives to church this week. Somehow, some way, this deliberate action of making the trek to church has turned our ordinary Sundays into Sabbath days.

We talk on our long drives, as a family, without interruption of televisions and laptops and cell phones. And after church, we make a point of going out to eat for brunch somewhere along the way. After that, we might just explore a shop along our new route, too. And before we know it, church is not a thing to cross off our To Do list. Church...worship...it IS the point of our entire day.

Last week, we received a very sweet card from the pastor. And this week, we were able to talk to him after services. We told him briefly about our journey to find a new church this past year. And that's when he said the kindest, most amazing thing.

"Two in the morning, two in the afternoon. No matter the time, if you have a care or concern that needs a pastor, I hope you will think of me. I know how hard it is to be without a church home, and until you find yours, I hope you will consider us your church family."

His words brought tears to my eyes. So gracious, so humble. What a servant heart!

Looking back at this year long journey, I can see how God has provided for our little family in ways big and small. This week, I know for certain that He answered my prayer, this desire of my heart.

Prayer changes everything.

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