Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How NOT To Make Class Valentines

This a tutorial on how NOT to make class valentines. Pay attention. There's a quiz at the end.

Step One: Do NOT attempt to make all twenty-six valentines the night before the party! This way lies madness. Instead, give yourself at least a month, making only one or two cards per day.

Step Two: Do NOT make each card the same. Instead, make each card unique with different stamp sets and embellishments to show that you crafted that particular card especially for that individual.

Step Three: Do NOT make your child sign all of their cards the night before, lest their handwriting quickly deteriorates. Instead, have them sign two or three a day over a month's time, including a few special words for that classmate. Make it personal. Heartfelt. Convey genuine emotion.

Step Four: Do NOT hand out cards without envelopes...or without candy...or without Japanese erasers and matching pencils. At the very least, give them a sticker or coordinating tattoo. Just a card? That is so gauche.

Okay! Time for the quiz. This is a true-false quiz. Ready?

True of False:

 I followed all of these steps when making class valentines this year. T/F (circle one)

 I followed one of these steps when making class valentines this year. T/F (circle one)

  I followed none of these steps when making class valentines this year.T/F (circle one)

Class dismissed!

{Today's Brew: Penguin stamps (Mama Elephant), sentiment (Lawn Fawn), amuse card stock, Avery sticker labels, Stickles, Lawn Fawn snowflake sequins}

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