Saturday, February 28, 2015

Simple Stories Planner: Financial Planning

I'm still using my Simple Stories Life Documented Planner, and still loving it! Today, I thought I'd highlight the financial section of my planner.

I am the Chief Purchasing Officer of our family. My husband is the Chief Financial Officer. And in the corporate structure of our family unit, the CPO has to report to the CFO every month by submitting an expense report with full accountability and receipts provided. Our monthly meetings go something like this:

CFO: "Who is Ellen Hutson, and why do we keep giving her our money?"

CPO: "Never mind. Here's the receipt."

CFO: "I thought A Cherry On Top was just for ice cream sundaes."

CPO: "Never mind. Here's a receipt for that, too."

CFO: "If we keep giving Lawn Fawn our money, then why am I still cutting the grass?"

CPO: "Never mind. Here's a receipt for that, too."

Good times.

One really smart thing I did when ordering my planner supplies (thank you, A Cherry On Top!) was to order a package of Just The Basics SNAP pages. I use these to record my purchases.

The basic white pages have lots of lines and columns and ledgers, perfect for book keeping purposes!

I have this section marked with one of the book marks. And on the book markers, I have placed a few sticky note pads for handy reminders. The pocket dividers are also handy for storing all of my receipts. Functional, pretty, neat. Everything in one place!

I like to look back on my month and see how well I stuck to budget, or where I happened to blow it. I can see "Not too bad on grocery spending, but too many meals at restaurants." Or "Next month, fewer trips to Target!"

I would like to think that my new system is making a good impression on the Chief Financial Officer. But you know CFOs. So hard to please!

The CPO is pleased! One more step to an organized home!

Blessings on your weekend, cafe friends!


  1. It really is incredible that your husband was able to be your financial adviser for your business. There really are a lot of things that seem to be able to happen when you're thinking about how to save money. I always thinking of financial advisers as someone who is for personal use, but having someone that is able to help with business planning seems incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great idea for keeping expenses straight. It's so easy to lose track of spending, especially when that spending is being done by two separate parties. I like being the provider for my family, but doing that is much easier when something like this is also being done. I think I might bring it up to my wife.

    Henry Hansen @ Ethica Private Wealth Specialists

  3. Impressed a lot.I really like your blog.
    Thanks for the post tax and financial planning