Thursday, March 26, 2015

Finding A Place To Call Home, Part One

Six towns. Thirty-three houses. Three days.

It was a whirlwind Chicago house hunting weekend!

Thankfully, I had done a lot of research ahead of time, and we'd narrowed our choices substantially. We knew that we couldn't just fall in love with a house. We'd also have to love the community. The town had to be the right fit for our family. The schools had to be right. The commute had to be right. The nearby churches had to be right.

We had a lot to consider.

In the end, our hearts told us that we belonged in Geneva, a quaint town in the Fox River Valley.

We're so excited to show the boys our new town! We'll be taking them on a tour over Easter weekend, showing them the sights. I want them to see the schools, the downtown, the library, the parks, the train. We're hoping that they will love it as much as we did.

Lots of prayers now...for house and home, for relocation and transition, for timing and God's perfect plan.



  1. So happy to hear that you found a new place to call "home"!

    1. Thanks, JW! We're happy it only took one weekend! Stop back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the house! :)

  2. Looks like an adorable town! I applaud you and your family for having the courage to move so often.

  3. How right you are to consider the neighborhood. Besides finding a home near good schools, you want a place where you and your children can make friends, join in the community activities and put down roots. It's looks like you've found the ideal neighborhood; I'm sure your kids will agree.

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate

  4. Looking at the whole neighborhood, not just the house, is the ideal way to shop for a new place to call home. Your method helps insure that you and your family will feel right at home quickly, which makes it easy to find new fiends and get involved in your community.

    Veronica Perry @ Team Robinson Inc.

  5. The main thing that always gets to me when house hunting is that houses never look the same when you are standing inside as they do in pictures. I always take a walk around the neighbourhood before going inside, and I have to admit there have been a few times I never even bothered looking at the house.

    Eddy Clemmons @ No Mortgages Ltd