Monday, March 16, 2015

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Yesterday was my first born's twenty-fifth birthday!

Knowing that my eldest would soon be having a birthday, you'd think that I would have made a card ahead of time, right? I mean, it's not as though a mother can forget twenty eight hours of back labor. 28 HOURS OF BACK LABOR! And yes, I sometimes remind him of this fact when I need to add a few mom bragging points. But these days, my To Do list is a mile long, and the hurrier I am, the behinder I seem to be.

All of this to say, I made him two cards. And to follow along with the name of this blog post, here's the Good:

Aww, cute, right? I used a Lawn Fawn note card, added some Lawn Fawn papers, a little flair, a sweet punched heart, and some stickers from Simple Stories to spell out the "you". (I realize now that I really need a "you" diecut!)

Clean and simple. Cute and impactful.

This was card number two, after a failed attempt at quick stamping. Because, let's face it, stamping is just not quick. It takes thought and deliberation. And you really should have a plan before you start.

Here is the result of quick stamping.

The Bad and The Ugly:

Lawn Fawn stamps. PTI inks. There's not one thing that's terribly wrong with this card. There are just a bunch of things wrong that make the overall card a big ole yawn.

I didn't like the colors.

I didn't like the placement of the balloons.

I didn't like that I put the sun on the same plane as the sentiment.

I didn't like that the balloon stamps were unevenly inked.

I just didn't like it. Period.

So I scrapped it and started over.

Sometimes stamping is hard.

Not as hard as 28 HOURS OF BACK LABOR!

But get the idea.

Happy Monday, cafe friends!

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