Friday, April 10, 2015

Making Arrows With Washi Paper Tape

I've been doing a little work in my Personal Planner this week in an effort to stay on top of all of the crazy appointments and travel schedules my family has these days.

One thing I really needed...arrows to tell me where my husband would be on each day of his travels.

I decided to use my Washi Paper Tape from Simple Stories Life Documented, and modify them using an arrow punch. I simple cut a strip of the paper tape, put it in the punch, and voila...arrow!

And when you punch on both ends of the strip, you end up with this cute little banner flag, just begging to be put to use!

Today, my husband's travels will be bringing him home. Happy! And for one night, I will have all of my boys together again under the same roof. Happy! Happy! Happy!

Happy Friday, cafe friends!

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