Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Craft Room In Progress

I found a little time to unpack my temporary craft space this week. Temporary, because it is in the basement that will soon get a major remodel. So my dear husband's last words before heading out of town for work were "Remember, don't set up anything too permanent."

Uh huh.

So here it is:

A banquet table, a stool, a few wire shelving units stolen from the garage, and I now have a makeshift crafting space.

It's not ready for a magazine spread, but it will do.

Actually, when I see it all in one place, it makes me happy. I've purged a LOT in recent years, which has caused me to be a little more particular about what I purchase now.

Lots of pretty papers...

...and a rainbow of inks on hand.

I recently paired down a LOT in this department. I sold about 1500 sheets of cardstock, over 50 ink pads and reinkers, and multiple packs of patterned papers that I was no longer using. They took up way too much valuable real estate.

I have to have the practical things nearby...scissors, clear stamp blocks, cleaners.

But I also like to see the pretty things, this basket of lace, for example. Inspiration for future projects.

And a little inspiration from the Word when I need it.

I keep a lot of stamps in these canvas storage cubes (Martha Stewart for Home Depot)...great for my lighter weight clear acrylic stamps from some of my favorite companies.

I try to keep it colorful and happy. A few years back, before my last move to Pittsburgh, I purchased a lot of storage items from the dollar spot at Target. All of the colorful turquoise and lime green storage containers have been so handy, and the colors manage to unify a space that can (and usually does) look like a cluttered mess.

I am sharing space now with the man cave...

...but that's really not such a terrible thing. After all, I can watch Chip and Joanna on HGTV's Fixer Upper while I craft, which will inspire me to get creative with the rest of the house!

We have some plans for the basement remodel project. New drywall, better lighting, new flooring. Built-in cabinetry and counter space for crafting (yippee!), and perhaps a mini kitchen and game room. This one sounds like a project for the professionals.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, if you are reading this blog, will you help us tackle this Fixer Upper?


Blessings on your weekend, cafe friends!


  1. Even though you are not completely set up, is this all you have left of stamping supplies? If so, I am jealous that it is so neat and tidy! Also, do you only use pti ink now?

    1. Can you believe it, Linda? I've whittled it down to this! (But I must confess, I have another small storage closet where I'm housing my needle art supplies!) I am now using just the PTI inks for color, and the Versafine Onyx and Memories Tuxedo Black ink for everything else. I love them, and I love that it takes up a small amount of space in my cafe.