Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Front Door Fix

Things are progressing here at the Heinz house. Heinz, because there was so much ketchup and mustard happening on the first floor of the house. The ketchup started at the front door, and progressed into the dining room.

I love a red front door. It's a classic! And when you pair it with a brick colonial and black shutters, you have perfection.

But we don't have a brick colonial. We have a cedar sided house that I am calling "new American farm house style".  The red doors with the faded black shutters just did not make sense to me on a house with taupe siding and a brown roof.

I envisioned a nice blue door to compliment the taupe, with coffee brown shutters to complete the look.

We attempted the blue doors here.

Wrong blue! Just too pale and robin's egg for my liking. I'd love this in a bedroom, but it was not what I'd pictured for a front door.

I went to Ace Hardware and brought home a few paint chips from Benjamin Moore. And then, while browsing on Pinterest, I found it. The perfect blue door! And wouldn't you know, it was one of the paint chips I'd brought home, too. It was a sign. The blog is Carve out an hour or two for this blog, folks. It's precious!

So with a new quart in hand, I repainted the doors this weekend.

A subtle difference, but so much better. Mills Springs Blue seems to coordinate beautifully with the porch rockers now.

It looks so much better with the taupe than the red doors!

Even the flowers look happier now!

I added a little rustic Americana to the front porch in honor of Independence Day!

One of my new neighbors stopped by to compliment me on how much better the front porch looked. She couldn't believe how much we'd done in such a short time.

Before the summer is over, we will have new windows installed. Then the whole house will get painted, along with new coffee colored shutters. We'll probably swap out the black outdoor light fixtures, too.

The little fixer upper house is fixing up nicely.

Stay tuned! I can't wait to show you the dramatic dining room remodel!

Blessings, cafe friends!


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  2. I agree that the light blue door was not the right color. The slightly darker blue was a good choice. The porch on your house looks really good with all of the updates you are doing to it. A little really does go a long way. I am curious to see what you do next to your home.