Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day Trippin' In Chicago

At dawn's first light (okay, it might have been a few hours after), we hung the flag and stood back, feeling patriotic in our new home.

"Let's take Sam downtown today," my husband announced.

"For the farmer's market?"

"No. Not downtown Batavia. Downtown Chicago."

Oh yeah!

I forget that we live in a suburb of a BIG city. If you're not surrounded by skyscrapers on the drive to Target, it kind of escapes your day to day recollection.

We hopped on the train (just a short drive from our house) and made the trek into Chicago with all of the other holiday revelers. Blue skies, sunshine, no humidity, a light breeze. It was a perfect summer day.

We spent the day walking to some of the iconic sites of the city. Marshall Fields, Grant Park, the Bean, the Fountain, Lake Michigan, the Art Institute. Here's the photo recap:

We came home in time to grab our lawn chairs and head over to the church parking lot for a great viewing of the fireworks.

Good memories in the making.

Happy Independence Day weekend, cafe friends!

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