Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CL Fair: The Art of Presentation

Country Living Fair has some really wonderful and unique vendors, and some of them just have a gift for visual merchandising. I thought I'd share some of the booths that had me grabbing my iphone for a quick photo!

This t-shirt says it all.

A goat named Olive in a tutu? Totally camera worthy!

Modern June always has the sweetest booth. Those colors and campers make me happy!

Carol at Caromal Colors gave some great presentations on using her lovely line of paints. Every day, she gave a new "episode" of "All My Painted Children", and each day was hysterical!

I think I found the paint I will use to transform my kitchen cabinets!

I wish I had remembered to snap a photo of this year's Country Living Fair t-shirt. It had an old pickup truck on the front, and on the back it said "I got junk in my trunk at the CL Fair!"

Yeah. I got a little junk in my trunk from the fair, too. But's it's not hoarding if your stuff is really cool! :)


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