Friday, September 4, 2015

House Inspiration From Pinterest

While renovation has slowed to a crawl, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. After all, there are still a lot of design decisions to be made. When it comes to home exteriors, you don't have the same amount of flexibility that you do with interiors. Don't like a bathroom color? No problem, just change it. Don't like the color you chose for the exterior? Too bad! You get to live with it.

I think this is the source of a lot of my anxiety this week. Too many decisions! What if I make a bad choice and end up hating it? Aack!

So I'm picking and choosing carefully, finding what I like and what I think will work for this house. I'm polling every family member and sending them crazy in the process.

Window panes/grilles...six over six? Six over one? Two over two?

In the end, we picked six over one. It will give some interest to the house while still giving a nice view, and we're hoping it will help to tie in with a few existing elements. I am loving the warm creamy tones paired with the crisp white trim of the house above. Don't you want to drink coffee on that front porch? I do!

We've decided to add some cedar shingles to the front of the house to give it some architectural interest and break up all the horizontal cedar siding. Not sure if we are putting this around the front porch or perhaps at one of the top gables of the second story.

I really love the look of these cedar board and batten shutters. I think they could add an interesting element to the look of the house.

But I also love a nice, classic louvered shutter, perhaps painted in white.

In my plan to un-brown this house, I've decided that we will need to paint the surrounding picket fence in white. This may end up being a spring job. I plan on adding an arbor over one of the gates and growing my favorite Sweet Autumn clematis.

I will just have to wait to apply all of this inspiration to this:

Lord, give me patience, and give it to me NOW! :)

Blessings on your Friday, cafe friends!

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