Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Room Where We Gather

This week, I thought I'd try something different. Hey, how about focusing on the things that are right about this house! Just to change things up a little. ha ha ha

In the days following our move, when we were still unpacking and sorting and flopping in to bed exhausted every night, this was the room where we instinctively  gathered as a family. We would sit here, in the family room, and we would look around us and say "This isn't so bad."

That's probably because it was the ONLY room that kind of, sort of looked complete. Mind you, if you look too closely, you'll see all of the things that still need fixing. The walls, while we like the color, were badly patched and are in terrible need of a new paint job. And the curtains, even though they give a nice pop of color, must have been shredded by the same puppies and kitties that scratched up all the window casings.

But today, we're not focusing on the negative. We are staying positive!

The funny thing is that we still  gather here as a family every night. We have a room in the basement, with the big television and the leather recliners for movie viewing. But it just doesn't feel the same in that room. This room just feels cozy.

By some happy accident, the pine color of the fireplace mantel matches all of the pine furniture here. And in the late afternoon, as the sun begins its descent, this room is bathed in the prettiest light.

This is the room that says "Come. Grab a steaming cup of coffee and a good magazine and dream big. Make plans and think about pretty things. You can do this. One flower at a time. One room at a time."

Warm thoughts, cafe friends!

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