Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 Days of Coffee: Cafe-Inspired Bible Journaling

It was time.

Last weekend I went home to Michigan.

It was time for golden delicious apples, apple butter and crisp apple cider. But more importantly, it was time to go home. Home to the people that I know and love.

While I was there, I popped in to my new favorite local cafe, DaCapo's Coffee.

I love the interior of this cafe! It's funky and artistic, but also warm and welcoming. Lots of earthy colors mixed with wood and metal. Those turquoise and orange walls! I love them!

Who is that handsome young man? That's my son, John, trying not to look too embarrassed that his mother is whipping out her cellphone to take photos again.

I had the Pumpkin Pie Latte, and it was yummy! Spicy, and not too sweet.

I wish I could live closer to home. I would come to this cafe every day just to read my Bible and doodle in my journal.

I was inspired by the colors of DaCapo's Coffee when I painted this page.

This verse has been on my heart for the past few weeks. Isaiah 54:10.

This speaks to my heart for so many reasons. My mountains have been shaken and my hills have been packed up and moved four times now. It never gets easier. But through it all, God promises me that His love is unfailing. He promises a covenant of peace. Oh how I want that! I need that peace every day. Sometimes it feels like peace is that little bird that flies off when I get too close to it.

My God, my great big God, has compassion on me. This is the one that chokes me up when I read it. I don't have an unfeeling God who cannot relate to my situation. My God doesn't tell me to just snap out of it and get over it. My God actually feels what I feel, when I feel it. And through it all, he does not remove His peace and love. 

I needed that promise today. I hope you did, too.

Blessings on your day, cafe friends!


  1. Maryrose, this is just beautiful! I love the hope and promise in that verse and your sweet journaling!!