Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Coffee: Chapters Cafe

I love coffee, that has already been established. And I love books. Put the two together, drop me off, and you can come back for me in a few hours. That's probably why my family doesn't like to go with me to Barnes and Noble.

But now, there's an even better excuse to go to the library...Chapters Cafe! Yes, a real cafe, right inside the Batavia Public Library. How wonderful is that?

This morning, I had the rare chance to escape the hammering and drilling for an hour while I returned a book at the library. After picking out my selections, I popped in to the cafe for the Autumn Harvest Latte.

I sat and had a chat with Mark Twain. I told him that anyone who didn't love Jane Austen was no friend of mine. After that, we parted ways and he chose to sit outside on the park bench. Too bad, good sir. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen rocks!

Rumor has it that Russell Crowe visited the cafe a few years back when he was filming Superman. He had been biking along the Fox River Trail and stopped in to the cafe for a bottled water and a tuna sandwich.

Come again? You can count on it!

Thank God! It's Friday! Blessings on yours, cafe friends!


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  2. Remember to thank the genius that opened that café in a library. She has to be someone special! :)