Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days of Coffee: The Monday Report

This coffee cup was so adorable that I had to snap a photo last night. Pink lid paired with brown cup, anchored by those black and white stripes. Hmmm. This may inspire some card making this week!

The house painting is still under way. I'm hoping that the crew will be finished by Wednesday. For now, much of the house looks like a flock of birds flew over and left their mark. Fear not, that's only caulk.

A lot of cedar boards had to be replaced. The prep work on this job took much longer than expected.

But the good news is that a little hint of pretty is starting to emerge. Here, you can see the new color, Sherwin Williams Ethereal Mood, paired with Extra White trim. So clean and crisp and soothing!

I hope to have the big reveal for you by the end of this 31 Day experiment. Five days left! Stay Tuned!  

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