Sunday, October 25, 2015

31 Days of Coffee: PTI October Blog Hop

It's Blog Hop Day at Papertrey Ink! Hooray! I had BIG plans for the cute project I was going to share with you today. You see, I'd ordered a few new coffee related products from PTI, and I couldn't wait to play with them.

Only one problem with the plan.

When I placed my order, I forgot to double check the shipping address, and...

Yep, you guessed it. My order shipped to Pittsburgh.


I swear, some mornings I wake up in bed, and before I open my eyes I have to ask myself "What house am I in?"

Last week, I was loading groceries into the car and thinking about all of the bags I'd have to carry upstairs. And then it dawned on me. Wait. You had to carry groceries upstairs in your house in Pittsburgh. You don't live there any more.

I'm calling it locational displacement disorder.

Anyhow, I pulled out another stamp set and made a different card instead.

Here's our inspiration photo!

I warned you, didn't I? Only two months until Christmas now! Cue the Hallmark Channel holiday movies in five, four, three, two....

And here's my card:

{Today's Brew: Cuppa Love Stamps/dies and Holly Dies (PTI), Background Basics Tin Types stamp set, button twine, washi tape, rhinestones, PTI card stock and ink, Mister Huey White spray mist}

This card is kind of encapsulating the look I want to achieve in my holiday decorating this year. A little vintage, a little sparkle, a lot of natural elements, and a lot of love.

Thanks for visiting the cafe today!


  1. Beautiful! I love the holly leaves on the cuppa and the tag! And yes to the Hallmark movies..I have some on my DVR I saved from last year that I've already been watching.

  2. Well it's too bad your order is missing, but I am loving the inspiration of the Cuppa Love set, and can't wait to CASE this beauty! And you don't have to have locational displacement disorder to be confused. I seem to succumb a lot to that lately. Must have something to do with the season!

  3. Love the mood you're going for this year, Mary Rose. Beautul vintagey card and I love the details you added - especially that touch of white mist spatter.

  4. Aww bummer about the order going to the wrong place. Love this card and the holly on it! Cant wait for the Hallmark movies either !

  5. Hope your order makes it to you soon! Love the vintage homey feel of the card you were able to make!

  6. A beautiful card, I hope your order makes it way to you soon <3

  7. Cute card, very creative and spunky.

  8. You might have locational displacement disorder but there's nothing wrong with your creative mind. Your "Cuppa" card is simply divine, Maryrose. Good luck with your rerouted box of goodies!

  9. gorgeous card- hope you get hold of your delivery!

  10. Really cute and would be so fun with a real mug and hot chocolate to give as a gift! ;)

  11. MaryRose, this is wonderful. I hope your PTI box gets to you posthaste!!!

  12. Cute, cute card! I never thought of using this set for a Christmas card, but I am going to rectify that soon! Hope your order comes soon, and I will be right there with you when the Hallmark channel starts it's Christmas it!! :0)

  13. I hope your order catches up to you quickly. Love the mini-tag hanging on the cup!