Saturday, November 7, 2015


The painters finished the house last night! Hallelujah! I told them if they stayed much longer, I was going to feel compelled to start feeding them, and then they'd have to pick out bedrooms to sleep in, and I'd have to start doing their laundry.

They worked into the dark yesterday, God bless them. And it looks beautiful! Tomorrow will be the Big Reveal here. Before and After photos. I can't wait to show you the transformation!

A funny thing happened as the house was getting painted. While the young guys gave love to the outside of the house, I began to give love to the inside of the house.

This was HUGE for me, folks. HUGE!

Because just a week or two prior, I had told my husband that I hated the house. Hated. Not just "It's not my favorite", or "I kinda don't like it", but all out hated it.

After five weeks of home renovation, I was just plain weary. Tired of giving every ounce of energy I had to a house. Tired of not being re-energized outside of the house. I was running on empty in every way...creatively, spiritually, physically.

And then, I woke up on Monday with a renewed sense of possibility.

Okay, yes, I don't love this house. But what if the house and I were no longer enemies? Could I reach a sense of detente with this house? What could I do to bring peace and harmony to the rooms where my family comes together?

I started in the dining room, refreshing the decor for Thanksgiving.

I moved to the basement, where I moved furniture and relocated my craft room.

I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom, and could not believe how much more I liked it when it was done.

Layer upon layer upon layer, I brought out the things that said "family" to me. The cozy quilts and blankets. The photographs. The collectibles and artifacts that have meaning for us. In the process of layering, I found something that had been missing...the happy.

The happy spilled over into everything. I went to my new craft room and found some happy to make this card...layer upon layer.


{Today's Brew: Twig Wreath (PTI), sentiment from Tag Its (PTI), PTI ink and card stock, SU gingham ribbon}


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog today because you spoke straight to my heart. We've made 3 corporate moves in 3 years including a year in Germany and we made the last one less than 30 days ago so I'm house tired as well. I unpacked the last box yesterday...well except for my craft room and hoping hubby will help me this weekend getting that area designed so I can get back to crafty me.

    1. Welcome, Donna! I'm so glad you found the cafe, too! And let me just add that I feel your pain. This is our fourth corporate move in ten years. Home relocation is so hard! But it does come with its blessings, too. Let's hope and pray that the blessing part comes for both of us soon!