Saturday, December 19, 2015

30 Minute Scrap Challenge!

I have been super busy this holiday season. It makes me in the world did I manage to work retail last Christmas and still get everything done?!

My busy-ness is intentional. I made a decision many weeks back to pack this holiday to the full. Here's what I found:

I discovered that the practice of gratitude is intentional, and it is also the first step to contentment. And contentment also leads to joy.

It turns out that joy and contentment and gratitude are all choices. If I do not choose them, then other negative choices seem to fill the vacuum. Anxiety. Discontent. Malaise. Boredom. Loneliness.

Been there, done that.

And here's the scariest part: the choices I make set the tone for my family. My attitudes have consequences. Ouch.

So this holiday, we are feeling an abundance of joy. And for this I am so grateful!

In the small spaces of my daily calendar, I try to fit in a little crafting to keep my creative side going.

Case in point: On Thursday, I had about thirty minutes to myself before heading out the door with the family. I used those thirty minutes to make some much needed gift tags for holiday wrapping. But the problem was that I didn't have time to overthink it. So what I did was use up the scraps from my craft table to make tags. All the little leftover bits of ribbon and die cuts and partially stamped images that accumulate over time.

All of these items would have probably ended up in the garbage can eventually. Instead, I used them to label Christmas presents! Mismatched and unique, but they will do the job nicely.

I think I may have a few hours this afternoon to turn up the Christmas music and make some more Christmas cards (I'll show you soon, promise!).

Joy to the world, cafe friends!

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