Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Holiday Bow Tutorial!

My sweet Mom taught me this bow making method years ago, and I thought I'd share it with my cafe friends today!

You will need a good length of ribbon, wire, and scissors for this project. I'm still loving my plaid ribbons from the Target Dollar Spot! I snagged a few more rolls yesterday, as a matter of fact. Get them before they're gone!

Step one. Cut a long length of wire. Don't get stingy. You will need it for twisting the ribbon, and you will also need it for attaching to your project when it's finished.  I'd say at least eighteen inches of wire will do.

Pinching a section of ribbon, make a loop and twist this in the very center of your cut wire. This will be the center of your bow. Leave a long enough "tail" of ribbon, as you can see on the right. About twelve inches. The length of ribbon on the left is still attached to the spool at this point.

Now, working from the ribbon still attached to the spool, gather and loop sections of ribbon, twisting with wire to secure it in place. I made two "loops" for the right of center, and two loops for the left of center. You can make as many loops as you like, using the wire to secure loop in place.

As you can see here, I still have the ribbon attached to the spool. When you have as many loops as you like, you can cut the other "tail", approximately twelve inches in length to match the other side.

You can see the back side here...not all that pretty, but no one will see that.

Here's the bow turned over. At this point, you can manipulate the loops and move them and twist them where you want them to be.

As you can see at the top of the bow, I still have a good amount of wire left. You will need that for attaching to your project. In this case, I'm attaching it to the wreath on the front door.

And here it is! A lovely tartan plaid bow to add a little Christmas cheer to my twiggy wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now go and embellish the world with bows. It's a super fun, super easy, and super cheap way to add a little Christmas to your decor.

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