Sunday, December 6, 2015

How To Water Poinsettias

My mom and I had a conversation about the best way to water poinsettias to keep them alive and pretty and vibrant over the holiday season. Mom's good friend, Donna, reminded us of something we had forgotten.

Here's the secret to watering your poinsettias:


That's right. Don't water them. Ice them.

Simply take a few ice cubes and place them directly on the soil in your potted poinsettia. The ice cubes will melt slowly, allowing the roots to direct the water where it's needed most.

Allow the plant's soil to dry between "icings". This will ensure that you are not over watering the plant. If you've even wondered how the church has managed to keep their plants alive all through Advent and Christmas, then this is probably their secret, too.

Merry Christmas, cafe friends!

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