Monday, February 8, 2016

A Powder Room Update

When we first moved into the Fixer Upper house, I noticed that the half bath smelled like smoke. To be precise, cigarette smoke. I'm fairly certain that the previous owner (or some family member) was a smoker. Perhaps all the cigarette butts that were tossed in the garden were a clue. ;) My guess is that they smoked in the half bath with the exhaust fan on and thought that would take care of it.

It didn't.

The ceiling was stained yellow, a not-so-lovely compliment to the two toned olive colored walls.

Hmm. An odd design choice. I call it a Trading Spaces episode, circa year 2000, gone bad. Maybe not as bad as Hildy gluing straw to the walls (who could forget that one?!), but bad none the less. This little main floor powder room has no windows, and the dark olive color made it feel like a cave. A smelly cave.

I did a little paint prep. For starters, I removed the lid of the toilet tank and put a plastic bag over the whole thing, making it much easier to cut and paint around. (Thanks for the tip, Pinterest!)

I'm also a big believer in taping off baseboards and electrical switches. No oopsies.

Sweet hubby had given the ceiling a fresh coat of white, and I painted the room in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Here's the result:

Aah! Fresh and clean, light and bright. I still need to replace the mirror in the future, but for now this room looks so much better.

The vintage oil paintings were both from Logan Antique Mall in Noblesville, Indiana. I love those quirky sunny flowers.

I added a few sunny yellow accessories to bring spring into the space.

SW Sea Salt is also the color we used in the top half of the office, above the chair rail. Thus far, we have used Sea Salt, Accessible Beige, and Watery as the unifying colors of the main floor. We are hoping to add Oyster Bay to the family room this weekend. It's two shades darker than Sea Salt on the paint chip, and I know it will help create flow between the spaces.

One room down, ten more to go.

That's how Fixer Uppers get room at a time.

Blessings on your Monday, cafe friends!

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