Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fixer Upper Family Room Tweaked

Here at the Fixer Upper house, we have finally managed to remove all traces of the original Heinz house colors...the ketchup of the dining room, the mustard of the kitchen, the hot dog bun color of the hallway, and the relish color of the powder room and family room. Hooray!

Here we are, in the process of prepping the room. Of all of the room colors, this one was probably the one that bothered us the least. But the truth was that the walls and ceiling were in terrible shape. After patching and sanding, we got to work.

The previous color wasn't bad, but it just needed updating. I think the colors looked like Pottery Barn year 2000. Nothing wrong with that, but a decade and a half later it was time for a change.

Ah, so soothing!

We chose Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay, which happens to be just two shades darker than Sea Salt in the paint swatch. It's a lovely shade of green with just a hint of blue-grey.

My goal for the interiors of this house has been to lighten, brighten, and refresh. Also, I have to pick paint colors that will both tone down the yellow wood tones and complement them at the same time. I think Oyster Bay really fits the bill.

I love how fresh it looks with yellow accents!

It also looks wonderful when paired with the SW Accessible Beige in the kitchen and hallway.

If you look closely in the photo above, you can see my new favorite decor piece that we've added to the house.

We chose a lovely shade of creamy furriness to give texture and warmth to the room. ;)

Jemma loves sleeping on my slippers!

Month eight, and we have officially painted every room on the main floor. woo hoo! Time to start moving upstairs. But not too soon. After all, we have a baby in the house, and it's time to enjoy her and keep the house calm while she's little.

My cup overflows!

Blessings, cafe friends!

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  1. Really like the color of the living room and I need to check it out since we're getting ready to paint the master bathroom when the contractors finally get done. And I love Jemma! We had friends that put a hotel bell by their backdoor and their beagle would ring it when he needed to go out.