Friday, April 8, 2016

April Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner

April showers bring May flowers. At least that's my hope.  My planner pages are filled with this contrast...rain and sun, flowers and clouds. But I refuse to add snowflakes. You hear me, world? I refuse to add the snowflakes! Even though they've been coming down in big fat wet flakes today.

Do you see that note where it says "Ed in FL"? Yes, my husband is currently in Florida, where it is sunny and in the mid seventies. He ate at an open air restaurant last night, while I was shivering in my flannels.

But hey, there's one big positive: the snowflakes are not sticking to the ground. We shall call that a small victory.

A new Bible verse for the month, to follow along with a new bible study at church.

No rain, no flowers.

Today, Luke and I are going to conduct an experiment. Jemma will stay in the crate while we venture out for brunch at Egg Harbor Cafe. What's the worst that can happen? (Okay, don't answer that question!)

Pray for us, cafe friends! We need this break!

And don't forget to keep checking my Spring Cleaning Garage Sale post for updates and additions!

Blessings on your Friday, cafe friends!

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