Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Save Your Drama For Your Llama

I spent the weekend in Indy, visiting and eating and shopping with my son, John. We were walking in the courthouse square of Noblesville when we spotted them in front of Alexander's Ice Cream.

Two beautiful llamas, out for a stroll on a sunny day.

We asked the owner "What's the special occasion?"

No special occasion, he answered. It just seemed like a good day to take your llamas for a walk.

Oh, how I miss living in Stars Hollow! And look! Kirk even has his own hardware store! (That's a nod to all of you Gilmore Girls fans like me out there!)

Luke's Diner. ;)

I drove over three hours to get out of Chicago, only to eat at a restaurant called South of Chicago. The irony!

I love visiting with my son, John. Sometimes, a mom just needs to see her sweet child's face. I told him that his quiet, calm nature is a balm for my chaotic life.

Five states in ten years. We don't often get to revisit the places and people where we once lived. I'm glad that John has built a new adult life for himself near a town that we once called home. Not only do we get to visit our favorite cafes and diners and antique shops, but we also get to worship with our dear church families.

During those times when I feel less than grounded and not quite rooted anywhere, I can go back to a place that I called home, even if it's just for a weekend. A place where people hug you when they see you and can't wait to hear about the latest places where God has taken you.

A place where people take their llamas out for ice cream.

It's a good place to be.

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  1. Nothing better for a mom than some one on one time with a son ! (or daughter). Add in a couple of strolling lama's...perfection!
    Lu C