Friday, April 1, 2016

Simple Stories Carpe Diem: My March Planner

March was a tough month for me. It really did come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.

There were a lot of days of isolation, stuck indoors with a nipping, chewing and not so house broken puppy.

There were grey days, and cold days, and days when it seemed like spring would never arrive.

But eventually, the sun returned. The birds began to sing. The flowers began to peek their shoots out of the ground. The grass began to green.

At this time of year, I'm always reminded of Martin Luther's quote about how God writes the Gospel, not in Scripture alone, but in every tree and flower.

I stayed home and worked on Beth Moore's Bible study, Children of the Day. It's been having a huge impact on my outlook. The verse above became my battle cry on those especially hard days.

In spite of it all, a lot still managed to get done. We worked on the house. We worked in the yard. We worked with little Jemimah Jane. Her nipping has really gone way down, thanks in large part to offering lots of training treats and praise and "Jemma, no bites!" reminders. She's about eighty percent housebroken now, and sleeping through the night. We're making friends with the big scary crate, and now eating our meals inside of it in an attempt to lengthen the time she can stay crated. We play in the yard, chasing bubbles and leaves and frisbees and tennis balls. Big fun!

I capped this month off with a trip home to Michigan this weekend to see my Mom and siblings. It's been since before Christmas that I last saw them all, and my home sickness was really getting the best of me.

I'm holding on to what is good!

You do the same, cafe friends!

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