Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The $3 Home Improvement Makeover

Yes, you read that correctly. The $3 Home Improvement Makeover. Not the $300 Home Improvement Makeover. This is a post about how a $3 can of spray paint transformed and unified our family room.

It all began with me not loving that brass fireplace insert. Now I know that brass has become popular again, and I've seen it used in lots of homes where it looks great...elegant homes with lots of bling and sparkle. But this insert did not match anything in this house, and it certainly did not give the look of new American Farm House that I am going for on the exterior and interior of our Fixer Upper house.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I read how you can spray paint those brass inserts with this, a $3 can of Rustoleum High Heat spray paint. It comes in many colors and finishes, but I wanted a simple black matte.

If you look inside of the fireplace, you can see where the insert is held in place by two screws. Unscrew those, and out it comes! And even better, the glass windows can pop out, too, so no need for elaborate masking.

My husband gave the panels a light sanding with some sandpaper, then cleaned and prepped the surface. He sprayed one coat, let it dry, and sprayed another coat, using the entire can just as he finished up. And voila!

Wow! What a transformation!

The matte black matches so many of the darker colors in this room...the ceiling fan, the chalkboard, and so many of the accent decor pieces. Finally, the fireplace looks as if it belongs.

Except for the puppy. It does not match the naughty puppy. Silly Jemma! Couches are for people, not puppies!

See? Not every home improvement project has to make my credit card cry.

I truly believe that it's the smaller improvements that can make or break a house sale. Updated light fixtures, updated curtains and curtain rods, paint and even spray paint. Some projects are time consuming, and others can be accomplished in under an hour.

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  1. What a difference! Looks great.

  2. Beautiful! Love the change! M.L.

  3. Remarkable difference in the look of the room!

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  6. Hello. Thank you for your post. Can I ask what grade sandpaper he used to sand the brass?