Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Flowers From My Garden

There are two things you should know.
1.) When I don't see enough of the sun outside, I start adding it to my card creations inside.
2.) When my garden outside starts frustrating me, I come inside and make a prettier one.

So yeah, I'm in a mood.

{Today's Brew: MFT Fall Florals stamp set, MFT picket fence die, Lawn Fawn sun and banner die, PTI inks and card stock, mist spray, gingham ribbon}

The cool, damp spring has kept the bulbs in bloom for much longer than normal. Not that I'm happy about a cool, damp, and pretty cloudy spring, but hey, I'm looking for the positives. Work with me here. ;)

I'm showing the closely cropped pretty angles so that you can't get a view of the bigger picture...the ugly misshapen yews I still hate, the bare spots that need a lot more perennials and bushes, and the weeds that said "Thanks so much for all of that careful mulching last fall! We're growing healthier than ever thanks to you!" Grrrr. There are dead arborvitae in pots by my front door, and dead potted plants looking deader by the day at my potting table. And I know I should do something about all of the above, but I've about reached my limit of caring even one iota for this house.

I told my husband last night on the phone "When school is over, I'll be heading to Michigan. You can meet me there when you've figured this mess out and sold the house." I'm only kinda joking.

So Mom, keep that spare room vacant, and get your kitty ready for Miss Jemma. I'm making plans for a Pure Michigan summer.


  1. There is always room at my house- and a puppy about the same age that would love to make a new friend! He can teach her how to chew any kind of paper. Thanks for the morning giggle. xo

    1. Thanks, Tina! I might take you up on that offer!

  2. Sounds like you definitely need some sunshine! Come visit here in CA - even here in the northern part of the state we have plenty to share! You have an open invitation.

    1. Aww, thanks, JW! That sounds fantastic! My husband and I have been discussing when we can return to Sonoma and beautiful!