Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Re-Purposed: Turning Something You'd Toss Into A Toss Pillow!

Last week, I showed you in my post here how we updated our master bedroom in the Fixer Upper.

Today, I want to show you a sweet little project I made for that makeover!

As I mentioned, I purchased the sheets from Simply Shabby Chic at Target. They are packaged, as bed linen makers often do, in a "wrap" that is made from the same stuff as the sheets. This way, you can see the detail and feel the cotton and know if you will like it, without having to tear into a plastic wrapping. Great idea, marketing department!

But what do you do with that wrapping after you've purchased it? It's too pretty to throw away, and if you're like me, you'll "save" it in your linen closet and never ever use it again.

Not this time!

Those buttons, that embroidered edge, the white cotton...they were all beckoning me to do something pretty with them.

I puzzled and puzzled 'til my puzzler was sore (thank you for that line, Dr. Seuss!) and finally decided that I could convert this into a pillow wrap.

I unbuttoned the wrap and carefully cut off the side panels.

Then, I pressed the sides to form a nice edge, and sewed a quick running stitch seam down each side.

The buttons were not quite in the right spot for my pillow, so I moved them about an inch, careful to make sure that they'd still align with the already sewn button holes. In doing so, I realized that one side of the button said "Simply Shabby Chic", and the other was plain. So I sewed the buttons down with the plain side exposed instead.

And voila! A pillow cover to coordinate with my new sheets!

Cost for this project= Free!

I wish all of my home projects were this easy!

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