Friday, May 13, 2016

The Bird Update

The purple house finch at my front door have been keeping our family entertained for weeks now.

A while back, my husband peeked in and made his report.

"They didn't just build a nest," he told me. "They laid eggs!"

Well, obviously! I told my husband that birds aren't like us. They don't move every other year when they get a job offer or promotion or corporate reshuffle. They build nests for one lay eggs.

My son, Luke, went out this week to check on the eggs. He took this photo and showed it to me.

"Mom, I don't see eggs in the nest anymore."

"Yep! That's because the baby birds have hatched! That's what you are looking at in the photo!"

The pink little balls didn't really look like baby birds. But now, when Mama and Papa bird come to the nest, you can start to see little beaks popping up in hungry expectation.

I decided to make a detour sign for any visitors to our house.

I think Mama Bird will appreciate my craftiness.

Blessings on your Friday, cafe friends!

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