Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Newest Addition To The Cafe

My new Senseo coffee maker arrived last week! Hooray!

I purchased my first Senseo ten years ago, while living in St. Louis, and soon had all my friends and family buying one, too!

But sadly, my Senseo coffee maker died while living in Indiana, and I had to switch to an espresso maker. I always missed my original, though.

When Senseo made the announcement that the hugely popular maker in Europe would once again be available in the United States, I was so happy! I placed my pre-order with Dave's Coffee Pods, and ordered a big supply of the delicious Douwe Egberts pods to go with it.

I forgot how easy this maker is to use! Put water in the reservoir, turn it on, stick in a pod, close the lid, and within a minute you have a delicious cup of hot brewed coffee with a crema layer.


I purchased some Ball canning jars to store my pods in, and I used some baker's twine and tags to label the flavors.

Happiness in a cup!

I think I'll brew a cup of French Vanilla to take to my craft room today.

Wishing you a cup of happy kind of day, too!

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