Thursday, June 23, 2016

Days Like This

Ever have one of those days? Yesterday was that day.

I woke up with a headache. Not a good start. I had a mountain of laundry ahead of me, and three levels of house that needed vacuuming. My son came home with bad news about his job interview. And I was out of dark chocolate. And it was raining.

One of those days.

After vacuuming up all the bits of mulch and dirt and fur that Jemma deposits everywhere, I went out to the porch for five minutes to sip my coffee. The thunderstorm had temporarily stopped, and I wanted to get some fresh air.

When I came inside, this is what I found. Muddy paw prints everywhere. I forgot that Miss Shovel Paws has figured out how to open the screen door. While I sipped coffee, Jemma dug a nice muddy trench under the downspout, had some fun, and then came back inside...full of mud.


I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos until I decided.

It's a good thing we bought that swimming pool. It makes a very handy dog bath in a pinch.

The storm clouds didn't completely disappear. As a matter of fact, I still had one big one hovering over my head. Grumble grumble. Not a good day.

So last night, I decided to brighten my outlook. And for me, my outlook is the window over the kitchen sink.

I found these old pots in the garage, and decided to fill them with some of the herbs that I'd started in the garden. I put a coffee filter in the bottom of each pot (a great trick to help keep the soil from escaping out the drainage hole!), filled each one with potting soil, and then thinned out some of the herbs that I'd started by seed in the garden.

Parsley, basil, cilantro. Handy herbs to have in the kitchen.

The news of the day hasn't improved, but at least the view is better.

Words to live by.

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