Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Expecting The Unexpected

A funny thing happened last week. My realtor emailed me with an unexpected request. She knew an agent that had clients looking for a house in our area, and wondered if we would be ready and willing to show our house. It was Wednesday, my Mom was still visiting, and they wanted to see it Friday morning.

I spoke with my husband, and he said "Why not?" So I cleaned like a crazy woman and slipped right back into real estate mode...fluffing, primping, staging.

My poor mother. I think she thought I'd gone off the deep end.

The house was relatively clean. Not one hundred percent show room ready, but it certainly looks a lot better than the first time I saw this house. Yes, there are still projects to be finished...a bathroom and a few bedrooms that need painting, a garden that is not fully landscaped. But by that Friday morning, I was feeling pretty good about the house.

The garden is just starting to come into its own right now, and I like to think that it made a pretty nice impression.

I texted my sister, Tina, and told her what we were doing.

"Wouldn't that be crazy?" she asked.

"It does seem crazy," I replied. "Which makes it oddly seem right for our family."

We don't do normal. Ha ha ha!

In the end, the couple did not make an offer on our house, which is probably for the best. As I've said all along, I want the next move to be on our time table. And I really wasn't all that excited about being homeless. All things will work together for good. I'm sure of this even more today than I was a month ago.

I like to think that we have control over this home and relocation process, but the truth is we do not. God has control. And these things will not happen on our time table, but on God's divine calendar.

But for today, this moment, I am happy with the house and garden and will be content in this circumstance. That's progress.

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