Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thoughts On Father's Day From Daddy's Little Girl

Hi, everyone! It's me, Jemma! Mom said I could write today's post in honor of Father's Day. It seems only fitting, as I'm the newest member of the family. 

I will be turning six months old this week! And even though I've only lived with my family for four of those six months, I can tell that they're keepers.

Honestly, I knew that from  day one. On the day they came to take me home, the breeder was telling Dad that if, for any reason, he could no longer take care of me, then she would have first rights to me.

Dad's answer was "You'll have to take her from our cold, dead hands."

The breeder laughed and said she was happy to hear it! Whew! So was I!

Dad takes me on lots of adventures! I love car rides and trips to the park to walk along the river.

After long walks, Dad always lets me rest and he gives me big drinks of water from my portable water bowl. I think that's very nice of him, don't you?

One day, he brought home this big, blue water bowl. I thought it was very exciting! Imagine my surprise when I found out that I could swim and splash in it! 

My Dad is a really great guy, isn't he?

Sometimes, we play fetch and chase and frisbee in the yard. Dad calls me the Yeti because he says I'm a big white monster.

On Saturday mornings, Mom and Dad take me to puppy school. I get to play with my new friend, Frankie! We are learning important things like sit, stay, settle, come, leave it, and off. Our teacher, Jaimie, says that I am a fast learner and a good student!

Learning new things at school makes me so tired! I come home and take long naps. Mom and Dad rub my belly and call me "Good girl."

I sure do love my new family!

Happy Father's Day!

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