Thursday, July 14, 2016

Creativity On The Go

It's been a busy summer!

We've had a steady stream of visitors and activity this summer, along with more than a few miles of road travel. And when I haven't been cleaning or cooking or driving, I've been in the garden weeding and watering.

It doesn't leave a lot of time left over for crafting, and when there is time, I'm not really keen on the idea of spending a beautiful day in the basement.

I put together a Creativity on the Go kit this summer. I gathered together a journal, a pack of watercolor papers, my new Prima watercolor pencils, a collapsible water cup, some brushes, and Prima water pens.

I found this bag in my closet just looking for a new purpose. Voila! Everything fits inside perfectly!

Now, on a nice evening, my husband and I sit on the front porch with drinks in hand...he with a book, and me with my bag full of goodies.

I'm using my journal to inspire me. It's part bullet journal, part scripture journal, with lots of lists and quotes and ideas thrown in to the mix.

I purchased these Prima watercolor pencils at the beginning of the summer, and oh are they ever wonderful! They apply to paper in a creamy, consistent fashion, and then blend so beautifully with just a little water. You can also combine colors for blending, and you can either apply pencil directly to paper, or you can pick up color directly from the pencil tip with a wet brush and paint. For about ten dollars, you can get a tin with a dozen colors. I think that's a great deal.

I made a few color swatches that I keep in one of the pockets of my journal for easy reference.

Creating outdoors, crafting on the road...savoring summer any way that I can.

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