Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stylin' Summer

I have a cute little corner cupboard built in to the kitchen of the Fixer Upper house. I like to "style" it with vignettes for the seasons or holidays.

When August arrived this week, I was tempted to swing in to an early autumn decor, but I stopped myself. I'm really trying to make a conscious effort this year to live in the moment more often. So instead of jumping ahead, I decked the cupboard in an end-of-summer style.

End-of-summer means fresh cut flowers from the garden, and recipes full of farmer's market favorites. I scored this Summer Book by Susan Branch at the local church rummage sale. One dollar! I was so excited! I have a few of Susan Branch's books, and I just love her sweet watercolor illustrations.

I had some fake fruit that was included with the large glass canister jar that I bought from Hobby Lobby to hold my detergent in the laundry room. The pears found a new purpose! I love that punch of green.

I collect sweet postcards whenever I can find them. They add a nice touch of the vintage to any spot in the home. I found this one at the winter Butter Barn sale last December. Vintage postcards are cheap...usually just a buck or two.

When I go out junk shopping, I usually have a list in mind of the things I love and collect, and the things I don't really need. These days, I'm always looking for the following:
* tole trays (great decor piece!)
* vintage postcards
* old books in good condition (they make great props for other items!)
* crocks
* anything folk art
* Pennsylvania Dutch inspired
* vintage floral oil paintings

Of course, I've been known to veer off course and buy the odd thing at times, like hand embroidered linens or sweet china or pottery. I like to think that I am cultivating a collection. Not hoarding, just cultivating!

I'm going to look at this corner of the kitchen each day and remember "Enjoy summer now, while you have it! Live in this moment!"

A good reminder for every day of the week.

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