Friday, September 23, 2016

So Stinkin' Silly!

Jemma has had an eventful week!

It all began last Thursday, when she finally had her surgery to get spayed. We waited a little longer to have this done. We'd read some reports that a lot of folks in the dog community think that early spaying can lead to hip dysplasia and bone density loss in larger breed dogs. It makes sense when you think that they probably still need those hormones for growth. Jemma is nine months old now, and it seems as though she has nearly reached her max size. We managed to get her in before she went into heat, thankfully.

She spent a day or two in this comfy pillow. The Zen Collar was so much nicer than those plastic cones from the vet's office.

How handy! Whenever you are tired and need a nap, you can just plop on your zen collar and have a rest!

She's recovering quickly, and ready for frisbee chasing and her usual antics.

Which brings me to last night.

Luke let Jemma out in the evening, and commented on how Jemma had chased a rabbit out of the yard.

And then he let her inside and asked me "What's that smell?"

It wasn't a rabbit. It was a skunk. And yes, Jemma got sprayed.

Spayed and sprayed, all in one week!

I think I need that Zen Collar for myself!

This photo makes me laugh because she is so obviously smiling! Always up to mischief. That's my girl!

We often remind ourselves "She's just a puppy."

This craziness will pass one day soon. In the meantime, I'm cleaning floors and soaking our clothes in vinegar and baking soda solutions. We've opened all the windows to air out the house, and I'm lighting lots of candles and being liberal with Febreeze sprays. Next up: schedule a bath for Miss Jemma!

Any tips for skunk deterrents and smell removal?

Blessings on your Friday, cafe friends!


  1. Oh, puppy! has an article under Resources, Deskunking that may be worth a read. This has been a fear of mine as well! Sorry! Good luck!! M.L.

    1. It wasn't too terrible. After a bath, the smell has gone away. I think she got it in the face...her breath was terrible!