Saturday, September 17, 2016

Surprise Sunflowers

When you feed the birds, you will invariably feed chipmunks and squirrels and other animals that visit your yard, too.

I've been feeding quite a few chipmunks this season, and it looks like they've left me a thank you gift!

I noticed these a few weeks ago, growing near my potting table. Hmmm. Could it be? I decided not to pull this "weed" and just let it grow.

I love sunflowers, but I don't always have the best luck with them. It seems the rabbits love them as much as I do, and will usually eat them before they can grow and bloom. But these sunflowers must've escaped their attention.

I will admit, I never would have thought to plant them here, but I'm so glad the chipmunks did. It looks like the perfect spot for an autumn garden display.

Thank you, chipmunks!


  1. We also had a volunteer sunflower near a transplanted shrub which was near the bird feeder in its first site. Nice surprise!

  2. And it looks perfect there!