Monday, September 19, 2016

That Thing You Can't Pass Up

The last thing I needed to buy...china dishes. Seriously, I have boxes of inherited china in storage that I don't know what to do with, so we schlep it from house to house. Not the sort of useful, pretty china that would look lovely in any decor. Noooo! We're talking fancy froo froo china with gold trim adorned with Greek goddesses. One day, I will unload that stuff at a consignment shop. I promise myself that it's not going to make the next move with us.

So yeah, the last thing  I should be buying is china.

And yet these three china plates kept calling my name. I found them at the Butter Barn Antique sale the last time I was in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Mom told me they looked like me and I should buy them. Well, if Mom says so, then I must.

I think I liked them because they have a sort of Fraktur motif that appeals to me.

Three little vintage plates, less than ten dollars in total, relatively cheap. I figured they'd barely take up any room if I had to store them.

But I really don't like storing things. If I buy something, I want to use it. I found the perfect spot to display these sweet little plates. I paired them with an old sampler I'd made many years ago that had the same colors. Now these little china plates make an artful arrangement for a wall that needed a little something in my sun room.

When I sit on the couch with my puppy and look into the sun room, this view makes me happy. One year ago, this view used to frustrate me to no end.

Learning to be content in this circumstance. That's progress!


  1. I really like the plates as well and they look great in the sun room.