Thursday, September 22, 2016


I've been working on an organizing project with my needle art this week, trying to clean out a storage closet and make it a little bit neater. As I sorted patterns and threads and linens, I came across a LOT of projects that I'd stitched, but never completed to the finished project stage.

U.F.O.s, or Unfinished Objects in the language of artisans.

I don't like examining these items too closely because I'm afraid they'll reveal more about me than I want to know. Questions like "How many Octobers have passed since these projects were tossed in the 'To Be Finished' pile?"

Other questions like "Why am I so good at starting things, but not nearly as successful at finishing things?"

Questions like "Why can't I finish this first novel when I have three other novels rattling around in my brain just waiting to be written?"

Enough with the UFOs!

This week, I will finish a project, even if it frustrates me to no end!

This pattern that I've been working on for weeks? Prime example.

I've had to FROG this one a few times. FROG, as in "Rip it! Rip it!", as in " take out stitches and start over again". I'm no fan of frogging, but there were a few times that it had to be done.

The end is in sight! I just need to finish this time consuming Nun stitch around the border, attach a few embellishments, fold the thing over and sew it up the sides. And I need to finish this quickly because today is the first day of fall and I have a LOT of Autumn projects in the queue.

Tell me, do you have a lot of UFOs floating around your house too?


  1. Hahaha! Just a few. Remember this is supposed to be fun. If something becomes too frustrating- just get rid of it! Older sisters are supposed to pass on this kind of wisdom. xo

    1. Working on a fun one now. Easy peasy...large count Aida and DMC thread! LOL!