Saturday, October 22, 2016

One Good Way To Grow Morning Glories (And Two Ways To Avoid)

Don't you just love Morning Glories? You often see them growing along fences or up flag poles in the country. Such a sweet and easy vine to grow in any sunny spot. Maybe too easy, as they can have the habit of reseeding themselves and spreading where you may not want them to grow. One woman's weed is another woman's wildflower.

I haven't planted Morning Glories since our house in Noblesville, Indiana, so I decided to give them a try again this year.

I planted them in several locations throughout our yard. I had a few seeds left over, and those are the ones I planted along the picket fence. Lovely! Pretty Jemma makes a pretty picture with these flowers as her backdrop!

Such a sweet, wispy display for autumn. I'm surprised that they are still growing and blooming this late into the season. We've had a mild autumn here in the Midwest. Earlier this week, the temps even hovered near 80, which is rare this late into October.

I'm surprised how well these vines did along the fence line, as my husband is often merciless with his weed whacker when he does the lawn edging. Somehow, they managed to survive.

The seeds I planted at the mailbox? Well, I can see now that I probably over-planted and should have thinned them out considerably. They obviously loved the location, but yikes! Too thick!

Somewhere in that mass is my mailbox.

We now call this plant "Cousin It" from the Addams Family.

The blooms are so sweet, but seriously, this was too much of a good thing.

I've apologized to my poor mailman for this Little Shop of Horrors plant, and promised that I will not attempt this again next year!

As for the morning glories at the front porch, it seems to be the same story. I was a little too zealous in my seed planting. The boys have dubbed this vine "The Jumanji plant" because it will grab on to just about anything.

A thick, dense vine, but not nearly enough blossoms. I think that the angle of the sun shifted as the season progressed, and this plant just isn't getting enough of the "morning" to bring on the "glory".

So there you have it. One way to grow Morning Glories, and two ways to avoid next year.

Blessings, cafe friends!

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