Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crafty Holiday Season

C raft shows. Remember the heyday of craft shows? My mom and sisters and I used to make the circuit...every church basement and school gymnasium, packed with hand crafted goodness! We would ooh and aah at every booth, and then tell each other "You can make that yourself!"

Apparently, that's still my motto!

I went to a craft show this weekend! I haven't been to one in years! I saw a lot of the typical booths filled with soaps and candles and jewelry. Lots of repurposed clothing and felted wool objects. I also saw a lot of vintage and "found" items in the fixer upper style. It really was so much fun just to soak up all the creativity and let it inspire me.

It inspired go straight to Target and have fun in their Dollar Spot!

I would tell you to go to yours soon, but it is already beginning to look like the early bird ate all the worms. I did find a lot of treasures there this year...great items that won't break my budget.

Now I'm feeling the need for a few rainy days and some uninterrupted craft time!

In the meantime, here's a Christmas card I brewed up just for you!

{Today's Brew: Winter Woods stamps and dies (PTI), PTI ink and card stock, shimmer twinkle card stock (SU), silver twine (SU), white spray mist (Studio Calico)

Blessings, cafe friends!


  1. When I was a teenager, my grandma and mom and I went to a craft show. There was a centerpiece made out of a Styrofoam base with silk flower petals and poinsettias arranged on it to make it look like a cake. It was pretty, and my grandma was ready to buy it at $35 but my mom was convinced that they could make it for far less than that! So my grandma didn't buy it. Over the next few weeks, and several trips into a larger town with craft stores, she was finally able to source all the materials to make one *exactly* like the one being sold. It cost her more than $35 for materials (not to mention the gas money from driving around!). Then my mom and she still had to make it. It still makes me laugh when I think of it. Most things you see at craft sales can be made significantly cheaper if you have the know-how, but sometimes it is worth it just to buy the item in question!

    1. I love that story, Tammy! And yes, I know it all too well. Like the first time we went to a card making demonstration, bought all the supplies, and said "This will save us so much money!" Ha ha ha ha ha! Over time, when one of us would say "I can make that", inevitably, someone would chime in "Yes, but will you actually make it?" Sometimes, it is worth it to buy the thing and call it a day! (That's probably why I don't plant vegetable gardens anymore, either! I'm a proud farmer's market supporter now....saves me time, money and frustration!)