Friday, November 11, 2016

Fixer Upper House: Rug Shopping From My Stash

There are times when a room just needs a little swap to refresh it. I was feeling that way about the rug in the family room this week. Tan, tan, just too much tan.

I'd love to go buy a new one, but who has money in the budget for that sort of purchase when Christmas is right around the corner? Not me!

I started thinking about the rugs I had in storage. I brought up one of the smaller sizes, just to get an idea if I liked it.

I thought the color did a better job of blending in with the floors, and there is just enough black in the rug to tie it in with the other decor.

There was only one problem...the rugs smelled of the fragrance "eau de dog". Not a good smell.

Sending the rugs out for cleaning? Cha-ching! Holidays + home repair = zero dollars for home decor.

I started to research ways to clean rugs on Pinterest, and then I remembered something. I own a Bissel carpet cleaner! Duh! Why not take the rugs outside and clean them on the driveway?

I checked the weather forecast...sunny, highs near 65, and breezy. great conditions for cleaning and drying.

And really, if you are going to go to the trouble of cleaning one rug, you might as well clean all the rugs and make the house smell that much better.

The carpet cleaning process was a cinch. The moving of furniture and rugs and pads and vacuuming and mopping the hard wood floors? Not quite as easy.

But the results? Definitely worth it.

I think the rug adds a little warmth, perfect for the autumn and winter seasons ahead.

Jemma likes the change, too!

I think my next project will be that coffee table. It has really seen better days. This furniture has gone from "slightly distressed" to "extremely distressing" over the years. My plan is to lightly sand and gel stain the top, and then paint the legs and apron in black.

Stay tuned!

Total cost for this Fixer Upper project? Zero dollars!


Blessings on your weekend, cafe friends!

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