Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thank You, Cafe Patrons!

Thank you, cafe patrons, for voting for me in the Papertrey Ink Star Search video contest!

I was not chosen as the winner. Or the second place winner. Or the third place winner. But I was chosen...maybe I'm Miss Congeniality! ha ha ha! But did you see my competition?! Those ladies had some amazing projects and videos! So talented!

This morning, as I prayed, a thought about the contest popped into my head in that "Oh yeah, today the winner is announced" sort of way. And just as quickly, I knew with complete certainty "You are not meant to win this one." And I was totally okay with that, because I know that in so many other ways I have been blessed beyond measure.

And to be completely honest here, I haven't even touched the new stamps I ordered a month ago. So do I need one more thing, when I'm working hard to let go of things I already have? Absolutely not.

And speaking of that, I realized this morning that I have been blogging here at Mary Rose's Cafe for nine years this month. Nine years! That's a LONG time, cafe friends. And to celebrate, I'm putting together a little blog candy prize package this week, so stay tuned!

The real winner today is my son, Samuel, who worked so hard on that video and really showcased his amazing talents. This proud mama is coming up with a prize package for him, too.

So I guess today you could say that I'm not a winner...everyone is a winner! Today, I am indeed blessed to be a blessing!

I made this wreath earlier this month, and thought I'd show it to you today!

{Today's Brew: Thankful word die (PTI), Leaf Prints dies (PTI), burlap, grapevine wreath (Michael's), sunflowers and bittersweet stems (my stash)}

Bless you, cafe friends!


  1. MaryRose,

    You are truly a winner! You put yourself out there and you were chosen to be in the top 5 of everyone who submitted a video. Your son used his talents and probably honed them further through this experience. You worked together (how great is that!). You inspired people to think outside the box and make something different than a card. You showcased PTI's products extremely well too. I love your blog and your inspirational posts. You know, of course, that I have a soft spot for Jemma. You are a winner. And a whole lot more. Yes, yes you are. :) M.L.

  2. You was robbed! :) I thought both you and Sam did a great job. xo

  3. You and Sam made a great team! You're always a winner in my book.

  4. Kudos to team Mary-Sam! What a project to make and share -thanks.