Friday, December 30, 2016

Crafty Resolutions

Do you make crafty resolutions?

Sometimes, I like to take a step back and review what I've accomplished in a year, and what I'd like to do in the future.

This year, I picked up my needle again and made seven different projects. And I finally learned to use my Janome Sew Mini with confidence. I have a LOT of projects in the queue just waiting to show you, too!

I've had a goal for some time to make it to a crafting retreat, and I managed to do that this year. I had a great time with my mom and reconnecting with old friends.

I probably got cards in the mail, with stamps!, about half as often as I'd hoped to. I need to improve on that as well.

Here are a dozen crafty goals that I've been mulling over for 2017!

Use what I have and buy less
Get rid of what I don't use
Simplify my crafting
Learn to watercolor, practice more often
Learn print making with lino cuts so that I can design on my own
Make more time for needle art
Move away from relying on die cuts and papers
Hand craft whenever possible
Doodle every day in my planner... More bible journaling
Work on hand lettering 
Start a card ministry at church
Take a few crafty-related classes

A dozen goals. Pretty lofty ambitions! 

I guess the point of resolutions is that I hope to grow a little, creatively and personally, in 2017. And that takes practice, daily. And because I'm a tactical learner, it helps if I write it down.

Do you have any crafty goals for 2017?


  1. Your needle projects have made me interested in trying that. There is a shop in Sewickley, a town near me, called The Porcupine and it sells all kinds of needle projects. I am going to poke around in there next week to find simethung easy to start with. I am excited about it!

    1. Nicole, I used to live not far from there! I moved to Chicago suburbs from McCandless in the North Hills of PGH in 2015. I still miss it terribly! I never made it out to The Porcupine, but Stamp Fanci in West View was a frequent stop for me! Hope you enjoy a little needle and thread time this year! Blessings!

  2. I recently started an Instagram account, and browsing and following others has inspired me to knit and sew more! I love to see other people's finished works. I haven't set any crafty goals (yet) but I think it is a fun idea. In 2015 I set the goal of 52 projects completed, but in the end I only did half that. I still considered it to be a success though!

    1. Tammy, I've seen some of your projects, and they were amazing! I'm not the best seamstress, but I can sew easy long as no one is expecting straight seams! LOL!

  3. Love those goals - great, practical ones! I need to work on mine! I saw a nice video on FB. A gal who does public speaking (Jayne Patton in Wentzville MO - where my youngest DD lives) put a video on today about goals for 2017 - GIVE LAVISHLY, FORGIVE RAPIDLY, LIVE RADICALLY!

    1. I once lived not far from Wildwood, MO. Loved it there! And I LOVE those goals! My bible verse for 2017 has a lavish word in it, and that's how I want to be this year, too!